Saturday, December 13, 2008

Good Gravy!

Is it gravy? Is it sauce? A debate as big as which came first, the chicken or the egg? My vote, of course, goes to gravy. And I someday plan to elaborate on my answer.

As you may have already read on my blog, I do not usually depend on measurements when I cook. My Sunday gravy is, perhaps, my most cherished dish. Red gold. However, if I am going to post my gravy recipe, I want to make sure that it is accurate. This isn't a quick marinara. We're talking meatballs, sausage, country spare ribs....a very complicated and pain staking Sunday afternoon. But one that is rewarding and fulfilling. So, once we get through the holidays and I actually have an open Sunday, I will gladly delve into it and document what it is that I actually do!

Until then, you HAVE to check out Lorraine Ranalli's new website, It is a very entertaining and well put together, true representation of one of South Philly's biggest passions. I am anxiously looking forward to reading her book, and encourage you to do the same! Kudos Lorraine!


una mamma italiana said...

Loved the gravy wars site and even made a recipe submission...I trust you'll do the same???!?!?!

Hope so:)

Matt P said...

I like sauce on my noodles.

Dominic Condo said...

Oh yeah, I definitely plan to post a recipe to Gravy Wars.

It'll taste great with any noodle of your choice, Matt!

Anonymous said...

Spaghetti sauce in New Orleans is referred to as "red gravy", by African-Americans primarily. This sometimes creates scenes in Italian Eateries -"hey joe they want spaghetti with red gravy!! Hahaha"