Sunday, November 16, 2008

Check It Out!

While I was recently visiting one of my favorite Italian food web sites,, I came across a fantastic article, titled Preserving the Family Meal. The author, Tiffany Longo, talks about the importance of family time at the dinner table as opposed to the oh-too-easy fast food choices that are often made today. I immediately contacted Tiffany to tell her how much I enjoyed and appreciated the article. I am now proud to call her a paisan and I encourage you to visit her own blog, Una Mamma Italiana, which is chocked full of great stories and recipes. You will also find a link to her blog and the article in the Recommendations column.

Speaking of the Recommendations column, be sure to check it out often, as I plan to add links to my favorite restaurants, web site, and articles as often as possible. Please feel free to pass along any of your suggestion (and, of course recipes), and I will be happy to post them!

Special thanks to my friend, Jay, who suggested It's got tons of useful food info and suggestions. Check it out!

And finally, if you are in to home-crafted, personalized jewelry, please check out my cousin Daria's website, Her jewelry designs are amazing!

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una mamma italiana said...

Im blushing!! Looking forward to more great stuff! BRAVO!