Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More things to check out....

I've been getting some great feedback since starting the blog. NICE! Along with the compliments and words of encouragement, I've also received more great links that I recommend....

First, my friend Matt sent me a link to his girlfriend Heidi's own blog, 33flavors.org. Lots of fantastic recipes there...I highly recommend you check it out. Way to go, Heidi!

And if you're even the most casual Philadelphia sports fan, you gotta check out Matt's site, the700level.com. One of the best damn sports sites...period.

Another great site that my friend Jay suggested is hollyeats.com. It's a great place to go for take-out suggestions. Plus, the guy uses a rating system based on grease stains. How cool is that!!!

Up next....Pumpkin Soup!

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Matt P said...

Thanks for the link, Dom!